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FAQ Topics

Making an Order

Q How do I place an order?
Q Why do I have to create an account to place orders?
Q Is there any minimum order?
Q Is there any delivery charge?
Q How do I know if my order is confirmed?
Q What if I want to make amendments to my order?
Q What if I want to make a bulk order?
Q Will I receive the products exactly the way it is shown on the picture of the product?
Q How do I know what are the available time slots?

Order Payment

Q What are the available payment methods?
Q Can I pay by cash or cheque?
Q How secure are my payment details?

Delivering the Order

Q Can I choose a specific timing for the delivery?
Q If I place an order today, when will it be delivered?
Q Where are the places you deliver to?
Q What if I want to change the delivery address or time slot after making the order?
Q What if I want my orders to be left at my doorstep or with my residence’s security guards?
Q What if no one is at home during the delivery?
Q Can I do a self-collect from your facility?
Q How are my items packed and delivered?
Q Should I keep my order in proper storage after receiving it?

Promotional coupon and credit points

Q Promotional Coupon
Q How does the PurelyFresh® Point system work?
Q How do I get PurelyFresh® Points?
Q How could I use PurelyFresh® Points?
Q Is there any requirement regarding the number of PurelyFresh® Points to be used for redeeming the discounts?
Q Can I convert the PurelyFresh® Points accrued into cash and withdraw it from my account?
Q When will PurelyFresh® Points be reflected on my account after making an order?
Q How do I check my PurelyFresh® Points accumulated in my account?
Q What happens to my PurelyFresh® Points when I request for a refund?
Q Can I transfer my PurelyFresh® Points to someone else?

Order Feedback

Q How do I give my feedback regarding my order?
Q What happens if there are missing products or products that you are unsatisfied with?
Q What is PurelyFresh®’s Guarantee about?
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